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The Bluewood Ski Patrol is a nonprofit, primarily volunteer group of highly trained and well experienced healthcare professionals.

Member's certifications range from Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) to paramedic. The Bluewood Ski Patrol is a licensed Washington State EMS agency and maintains an affiliation with the National Ski Patrol, Pacific NW Division - Inland Empire Region.

The responsibilities of the Bluewood Ski Patrol are many and include preventative safety measures and enforcement, emergency medical care, emergency incident management and investigation, avalanche control, chair lift evacuation, and search and rescue operations.

The Bluewood Ski Patrol includes paid and volunteer patrollers that work side by side with one another on all incidents. Whether paid or volunteer, all patrollers are held to the same standards, wear the same uniform and must be capable of performing all aspects of patrol work. Although not typical of many patrols, these requirements allow the Bluewood Ski Patrol to provide great customer service and superior care. 

The Bluewood Ski Patrol is actively recruiting new members. Recruitment has generally focused on skiers because some terrain and search and rescue operations require the patroller to be able to efficiently drag rescue sleds and traverse difficult out of bounds areas.

New recruits are brought on initially as trainees and go through a training process that generally takes a ski season to complete. The process can take longer depending on the trainee's skills, experience and commitment.

The Bluewood Ski Patrol does not offer any medical certification training courses and requires new trainee's to have a current OEC or Washington State Emergency Medical certification prior to joining.

Patrol members are responsible for keeping their emergency medical certification current and up to date.

Bluewood Ski Patrol members are required to work a minimum number of duty days each ski season to remain on the patrol. In exchange for their services members receive skiing privileges and other benefits from Ski Bluewood. Members also receive the benefit of being part of a dedicated team, the first chair lift ride in the morning and last run of the day.

Individuals looking for additional information about joining the Bluewood Ski Patrol are encouraged to contact and meet with patrollers on the mountain during normal operating hours.   

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Contact the Bluewood Ski Patrol
Visit the Bluewood Ski Patrol Facebook Page


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