RV Camping at bluewood

Your Guide

That’s right, you can vehicle camp on the mountain!

Whether you’re camping as a Bluewood vet or a first-time visitor, this guide is for you.

Reservation Details

15 RV
15 Sprinter/Truck/Car*

Fee: $10 + Checkout Fee

Maximum Stay: 4 Nights

Vehicle Information: Make, model and license plate number

*Do not need to park in the RV line

Parking Info

• RV’s: Please park on the Eastern or left side of the parking lot when you’re driving in, next to the RV sign (or the closest RV) at a slight downhill angle
• Campers: You may park on either side of the lot, however, you may be asked to move if your camper or van impedes traffic or snow removal
Reservation must be printed out and displayed visibly for the parking lot crew

Campsite Amenities

• No public restrooms available outside of operating hours
• No power, water, or additional amenities


For any questions, please visit the help desk!