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Day in the life at bluewood

New to the slopes? We got you.
Been turnin’ & burnin’ for decades? We also got you.

With a beginner’s hill, 2 lifts, and backcountry skiing, our mountain has something for everyone. Check out our recs for each skill level so you can make the most of your time on the mountain.


First time? Let’s goooo!
Before you start your new adventure, here’s our first day recs:

  • After parking, if you already have your equipment and are ready to ride, head to the 2nd floor ticket kiosk to get your day ticket. Guest services can also print your day pass (unless you already have a season pass, then you can head straight to the fun).
  • If you need to rent your gear, you can get everything you need in a one stop shop at The Hub. Rentals, tickets and even lessons if you’re looking to level up your riding game! (Pro-tip: You can reserve ahead of time online)
  • Skipped breakfast? This would be a great time to head to our newly updated third-floor cafeteria with delicious food and drinks – don’t miss out on the breakfast burrito, trust us!

Now that you have your gear, ticket, and fuel – it’s time to hit the slopes!

  • Starting out, if you’re looking for some tips on the slopes, we suggest you find the right lesson for you and learn from our amazing instructors. (We recommend being at the mountain at least one hour before the start of your lesson)
  • After your lesson, keep practicing on the Bunny Hill and getting into the groove! 
  • Now, if you’re feeling up for it, you can check out the Triple Nickel chair, which has two green runs and two blue runs. 
  • If you’re REALLY feeling up for a challenge, head to the summit on the main lift, Skyline Express, then make your way down Country Road, where you’ll find yourself back at the lodge!

This is just one of many possible ways to spend your day at our mountain, and we encourage all beginners to come learn at Bluewood and experience the fun mountain has to offer.


Fun fact: 70% of our runs are 🟢 or 🟦 !

We know that you know what you’re doing, but here’s our intermediate punch list.

To start your day, make your way to the summit, then head down Tamarack, a blue run that ends just above the Triple Nickel Chairlift. Hop on! You can choose from 5 different runs.

Finished those runs? Ready for more of a challenge? Check out Skyline – you passed over it on your way over to Tamarack. Skyline is a black diamond, but it’s the perfect introduction to our most advanced runs. Fair warning – Skyline is pretty steep! But, because it’s our only groomed black diamond, we felt some of our intermediate riders might be ready to test those waters.

For the rest of your day? Explore what our winter wonderland has to offer, including a new terrain park, and make sure you stop by the lodge to see our revamped 3rd floor 👀


Two words: SEND IT!

After catching the first chair, look anywhere for your first run because 30% of our terrain is advanced. With that comes a TON of tree runs. You know what that means, right? Endless lines. 

Once you’ve explored all our runs, you can unlock Bluewood’s expansion pack.

To get the most out of your winter and adventure in the beautiful, secluded, black diamond backcountry of Bluewood, you need to get a Vintners Ridge Pass. Vintners is the go-to spot for knee-deep powder that lasts for days after a storm.

Want a park day? We got you! Head over to the Triple Nickel chair to get kinky. You read that right! We have a brand new terrain park as of this season. We’re going to have 18 new + refreshed features thanks to the hard working Bluewood staff and some extra fun provided by @highcascade.

Test your creativity in the park and share it with us to be featured on our Instagram!

All of that to say…

As you can see, we have something for everyone at Bluewood. While we do try our best to translate what our mountain has to offer, there’s nothing quite like experiencing it for yourself!

If you want to spend your winter weekends on the slopes, you might want to pick up a season pass. And, even if you come up and decide not to hit the slopes, our new cafeteria is the perfect place to watch the riders come and go while sipping on a hot cup of cocoa or even get some remote work done in between runs.

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