Pass photos & pickup

How do I upload my season pass photo?

Smile! Every season pass needs a valid photo for identification purposes at Bluewood. Here’s how to upload pass pics online so we can get you on the hill making turns and not standing in line at the lodge waiting to have your picture taken.

Please follow these steps:

  • Take or find a photo of yourself that meets the specifications below.
  • Upload the photo at the link below.

Photo specifications

Here we go:

  • Your photo must be a color head shot. No sunglasses, funny faces, goggles or unusual make-up. Hats and helmets are OK as long as we can see your eyes. We need to see your beautiful face!
  • No prosthetics (noses, fake mustaches, etc.).
  • No props (beer bottles, guns, skis, etc.).
  • Only one person in the photo (no husbands, wives, girlfriends, pets, etc.).
  • Please look straight ahead with a natural expression as you would for a passport, driver’s license or other photo ID. A nice smile would be welcome!
  • Please use a plain background.
  • Photo should be high resolution (not pixelated) and the image should be of a single person not cropped from a photo with other people (such as a family photo) to avoid being blurry.
  • Upload a photo for everyone who has purchased a season pass.
  • We will reject photos that do not follow these guidelines.

To upload your photo

  1. Go to the upload area.
  2. Enter the email address you provided when you purchased your season pass.
  3. The system will either auto-send you an email, or you can click on the “Forgot Password” button to have an email sent to you.
  4. Check your email for a message from us. Check your spam folder too.
  5. Enter the temporary password that is in the email and click the login button. The password is case-sensitive. Also be sure you don’t include any extra spaces before or after.
  6. The system will prompt you to change your password to something you can remember. Enter your name, the temporary password from the email, and then pick a new password.
  7. You will then be logged into “My Account” and will see all the passholders, orders, forms, etc., you have completed. For each passholder, click the “Browse” button to select your photo, and then click the “Upload Photo” button and wait for it to upload. The page will reload with your new photo shown if it is successful.
  8. Then click the button to the right of the photo to sign your waiver for the season. Follow the steps to fill out additional information and sign with your finger or mouse. The system will then bring you back to your “My Account” page and show that the waiver is now on file.
  9. Repeat for any additional passholders in your account.
  10. You’re all set!