Parking Guide


Designated Unloading Zone:

  • Located on the side of the Hub
  • Will be monitored with a 5 minute limit
  • Use if you’re asked to park in the overflow lot
  • Drop your party then head to the overflow lot for a shuttle.

Shuttle Pickup:

  • Lower lot pickup every 30 minutes when both shuttles are running
  • Slopeside next to the Hub exit door
  • Designated sign with pick up times will be out in the morning

No Parking Zones:

  • Do not park in the exit pathways of the upper lot
  • Imperative to have emergency exit lanes for emergency vehicles
  • No parking zones designated with dye markings and cones

Car Pool:

  • We ask that our guests fill seats to the best of their ability
  • It’s more fun
  • Better for the environment
  • And you can share the cost of gas!